A little bit about me...

I’ve grown up around real estate since the age of four, though I have taken a very different path than my mother. Upon graduating from high school, I merged my retail experience and marketing skills to open a retail store in Nashville, TN. My desire to join Mama (yes, I do call her mama or sometimes "my mom") in the industry led me back to Cumming, GA. 

I was trained as a loan processor and received accolades from senior underwriters/ lenders for my abilities in submitting complete files that were easy to review and approve.  I continued on this path and expanded it when we opened our mortgage company and real estate company in 2000 and ran the back office for each.  

Our company moved away from the mortgage industry and more towards the real estate side.  I was given an opportunity to work for a local bank in their loan operations department.  I worked with a variety of loan officers and other banks and worked my way up to becoming the Loan Operations Manager.

In 2008, we welcomed our first child, a son. And our family grew again in 2010 with the birth of our daughter. I was fortunate enough to stay home with my babies, which is the best job I’ve had to date. As the kids were growing up, I enjoyed teaching at their preschool for several years. Now that they are older and more independent, and after years and years of being around real estate, I decided it was time to get my license. I’m thrilled my path has led me back to my roots!