A little bit about me...

I Came ~ I Saw ~ I Sold!

I’m not a cookie-cutter Realtor as my style is classic, timeless, traditional and sometimes non-traditional. 

I chose this career and can say I love my job!  I love assisting my clients in making their dreams come true!  I enjoy my job because I'm the one who runs my business, not someone else.  I love answering my own phone and pride myself on pretty much always answering unless I'm with a client and then they have my full attention. I'm naturally curious and keep on top of the market by reading and researching plus staying abreast of what's going on locally, nationally and internationally.

I’ve built strong relationships with banks and lending institutions with my years in the real estate business and the mortgage business.  This enables me to use my experience and insight to address situations before they become a problem.  Communication is paramount from the first initial phone call all the way to closing and after.

I am family-oriented and devoted to God, my husband, Robert, my grown 
children and my grandchildren. My precious sister, Anne, lived at home with my husband and myself for 20 years. Anne was Special Needs having Cerebral Palsy and mentally retarded. Anne had brain surgery in 2013 and rendered her in a wheelchair and totally dependent upon us. Anne taught me what true unconditional love is, and that if it’s not life or death, whatever you are going through is not a big deal and it will work out. Anne went to Heaven September 2021 and she is healed and running around in Heaven telling everyone everything she and I did together. Our parents have their baby girl back ~ but gosh, how I miss her. I learned way more from Anne than I ever had to give. I cherish every moment of every day of my life and of my loved ones. 

One of my favorite expressions is “God gave us two ears and one mouth thus
we should listen more than we talk”. I pride myself on doing this so that I
truly know and understand the needs of my clients. No obstacle is too great to overcome and I believe there is a solution to all challenges. I can honestly say I value my clients. My clients become friends and chosen family because there is a mutual respect for all and we’re in this together. 

Want an agent who’ll really listen to what you want in a home? Need an
agent who knows how to effectively market your home so it sells? And now
my daughter has joined my team and we are Mother/Daughter which
enables us to be even better! 

Give me a call! I’m eager to help and would love to talk to you. I’m your Metro to the Mountains Real Estate Queen!